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    Click on "Why Hit-Air?" to see the advantages of our Hit-Air line of personal airbag vests, and "Frequently Asked Questions". See our Amish made leather night latch for securing lanyard to a western or endurance saddle. We also offer options for English saddles and motorcycles (see Hit-Air accessories). THE LANYARD ATTACHED TO YOUR VEST MUST BE ATTACHED SECURELY TO YOUR SADDLE WITH A SWL (SAFE WORKING LIMIT) THAT EXCEEDS YOUR WEIGHT. DO NOT ATTACH TO A DECORATIVE SADDLE RING OR OVER YOUR HORN. See our new Booma Rein that tethers the reins to your saddle. ****CAUTION****: Insure that the cartridge is in the vest and securely screwed in properly. When changing the cartridge after a deployment, insure that it is not cross-threaded. When installing a new cartridge, you should observe that the cartridge has approximately 5-7 full revolutions when screwing in the cartridge. ****Note: Color options other than black subject to availability and drop-shipped from our importer.**** Hit-Air Airbag Vest Disclaimer: Equestrian and motorcycle sports are inherently dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury or death. Riders using these products ride at their own risk with full knowledge of the hazards and risks associated with their activities. Airbag vests cannot offer complete protection from injury or death to riders. Airbag vests cannot protect areas of the body that are not covered and offer no protection against injuries involving forces other than impact. CAUTION: Body Protectors must fit properly and be securely fastened. Airbag vests that are damaged should be destroyed and replaced. The protective properties of airbag vests may be compromised by prior impact, age, use and other substances. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations before applying cleaning agents, paints, or adhesives. Riding Safe, LLC disclaims any responsibility for injuries or death incurred while wearing any of the airbag vests offered for sale. Representations regarding testing results, equipment ratings, product specifications, ASTM and/or SEI standards, and the adequacy of all such standards and designations are made solely by the product’s manufacturer. Riding Safe, LLC does not warrant or confirm the representations of the manufacturers. Riding Safe, LLC makes no representations express or implied regarding the fitness of these products for any particular purpose nor the extent to which the products protect riders from injury or death.