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The key box located in the zippered compartment on the front of the vest contains a compression spring and an interlocking firing pin.  When the vest is activated (e.g. you fall off your horse which yanks the lanyard that is attached from your saddle to your vest), the key ball, located in the keybox with the gas cartridge, comes out of the key box and a firing pin in the key box is released, which punctures the seal of the gas cartridge to inflate the Hit Air immediately. The neck airbag inflates first, followed by the torso and hip airbags. This all occurs in less than .2 seconds, so that when you land, you will hit "air" instead of ground. The neck airbag is so large that it helps immobilize your head and neck to help mitigate more serious injury. The key ball, which is pulled from the vest during your fall, will remain attached to the lanyard which remains attached to your saddle.