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If you are concerned that your Hit-Air vest is damaged or over 6 years old, we can direct you to the authorized Hit-Air service provider/importer to look over your vest and insure it is still functioning as intended. The service provider will direct you to print out their downloadable service form, fill it out, and ship it to them with your vest. After inspection and servicing, they will ship it back to you within 5-7 business days after receiving the vest. Servicing checks vest for correct inflation and integrity of outer vest material. Your vest is shipped back to you with a new CO2 canister. The cost for this service is currently $90. You may also choose to test your vest by manually deploying your vest. Note that it requires at least 66 pounds of force to activate your vest, so it may require a strong person to quickly yank the lanyard with one hand while pressing against the vest with the other hand.

Vest Inspection and Servicing