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    I founded Riding Safe, LLC with my husband Ross in 2013 after my second unfortunate meeting with the ground while horseback riding in which I broke my pelvis. I also broke my pelvis 18 years ago when my horse stepped on the edge of loose shoe and stumbled, thrusting me to the ground where I landed on my hip. Both times I was out of commission for 3 months in pain and unable to work.

    This time, laying on the couch, I had plenty of time to think about how I had made fun of one dear friend of mine, for buying an equestrian Hit-Air airbag vest. In fact, she was riding with me when I fell off my horse. My friend has fallen off her horse and her airbag vest deployed saving her from injury. She had bragged that she just bounced and got up. My husband had even seen a guy at a cow clinic come off his young Arabian, bounce and get up with only his hurt pride. I remembered how I didn't want to spend the money. Well, I could have bought almost 3 Advantage Models for what I had to pay after my insurance paid my medical bills, not to mention spending 3 months on the couch and walking with a walker.

    I also had plenty of time to analyze the video of me falling... yes my husband was videoing my ride. Watching myself hit the ground, I realized that if I had been wearing a Hit Air Advantage vest, I probably wouldn't have been hurt. I literally could have saved myself from myself :-)

    The first thing I bought after I healed was my Advantage Hit Air vest. Quitting horseback riding was not an option. I hope to have many more years riding ahead of me. I got back to riding without fear and much quicker than I did the first time I got hurt because I have confidence in my airbag vest to protect me as much as possible from injuries to my neck and torso. While nothing is 100% safe, I feel I have greatly reduced my chances of serious injury. I have always worn a helmet and feel that when engaging in a dangerous sport one should take as many precautions as possible. The confidence my Hit-Air vest has given me to resume my passion is amazing.

    Who does not like new Technology? Amazing safety technology has come to the trail rider! My husband, Ross, and I are excited to offer this product to like minded trail riders who value safety and peace of mind. We encourage other trail riders to enjoy the gift to yourself and your family of Riding Safe every time!

    July, 2013

    Update: My wife Cherri had an accident after wearing the vest, when her quick Paso Fino spun suddenly after seeing a deer jump out of a nearby thicket. This time, Cherri literally bounced and skidded with no injury. Her helmet did not even touch the ground thanks to the large Hit-Air neck bag. Cherri was able to re-load her vest and continue down the trail. Praise God!

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