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    Hit Air Equestrian Bungee Lanyard (adjustable)

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      Hit Air Equestrian Bungee Lanyard (adjustable)


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      Horse Bungee Lanyard Equestrian (Advantage/H-Model/PRO/MLV-C)

      One Bungee Cloth Covered Lanyard is included standard with the Advantage and PRO Hit Air vest. Additional units are available for those who have more than one saddle. Some customers opt to have one bungee lanyard for each saddle to avoid changing out the lanyard when they change saddles. 

      (This is model is now shipped as a default on Advantage and PRO equestrian vests, but is interchangeable with the coiled wire style lanyard.

      Our English Lanyards come in two different lengths.

      Regular - for riders on horses over 15.2 hh
      Short - for riders on horses 13.2 hh to 15.2 hh

      Hit-Air vests should not be used on horses under 13.2 hh

      Easy to adjust its length with the belt and easy to attach to the right place This is a fabric covered bungee style that comes standard with equestrian vests we sell unless you specify the alternate model. For motorcycles, use the alternative longer motorcycle coiled wire.

      Adjustable Bungee Lanyards and Western Coiled Wire Lanyards must be adjusted before use. A properly adjusted lanyard should be long enough for the rider to move freely and comfortably in the saddle but short enough for the vest to deploy and fully inflate before the rider hits the ground in the event of a fall. The rider should NOT be able to stand next to their horse while their vest is clipped into the lanyard and attached to their saddle.

      Don't attach to an ordinary carabiner or any decorative saddle ring that could break away during a fall. Don't loop over a saddle horn. You should be able to stand up in the saddle stirrups without being overly stretched or too loose.

      Note: The pictures below relate to attaching either a bungee lanyard or coiled wire to a Hit-Air English Saddle Strap. To attach securely to a western or endurance saddle, we recommend inserting a Night Latch (see Night Latch option under Accessories) or strong nylon dog collar through the loop in the Bungee Lanyard and then securing the Night Latch or dog collar around the pommel of your saddle.