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Hit Air Replacement Cartridge

Code: HA-Cartridge
Price: $29.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Quantity in Basket: None
Select Size (limit 3 cartridges):
60cc (Med PRO & MLV and all Lg/XL)
50cc (Sm PRO, Sm & Med Advantage/H-Model)
48cc (Plus $5.00 - LV and SV2 models only

Cartridge Size Required by Vest Model/Size:
  • 60cc (Advantage/H-Model Large & XL); PRO, MLV, ST-RC (Medium & Large)
  • 50cc (Advantage/H-Model Small & Medium); (PRO)
  • 48cc (LV & SV2)
  • Ship free with a vest order
  • All vests come with one included cartridge, but we recommend you always carry a spare. If you buy spares with the purchase of your vest, then there is no added shipping cost. Cartridges are considered hazardous material and must ship ground.
  • Cartridges or canisters will last indefinitely but should be replaced with the first sign of rust or surface deterioration.
  • Note that a used cartridge will have a hole in the seal at the end of the cartridge.
  • Each jacket comes with a handy Tool Kit (also available as optional accessory) to complete the replacement quickly and easily.
  • See video on on replacing cartridge after a vest deployment in our FAQ

  • **This product ships only by Ground and will be shipped UPS retail ground**