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Amish Made Leather Night Latch to Secure Vest Lanyard to Saddle

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Dark Brown

Quality local Amish made leather night latch stands up and enables a more secure emergency grip for the rider and is perfect for attaching the saddle strap attachment to the coiled wire when riding with the Hit-Air vest. The Night Latch comes in black, brown and dark brown. Directly below is the brown Night Latch with the Hit-Air Coiled Wire (Advantage style) attached to a hornless saddle. We also refer to the Hit-Air Coiled Wire as a "tether" or "lanyard"; this is the black elastic strap that is looped through the Night Latch below. The bottom photo is a Night Latch on a saddle with a horn. We prefer hornless saddles due to added risk of injury from the horn and it can become entangled with the rider's Hit-Air vest (especially the buckle version) if you slide off to dismount. Note; If you have a non English saddle that does not have a hole under the pommel to attach this night latch, you may want to look at our Amish nylon saddle strap and evaluate if this strap may work for your saddle.

Below: Light Brown Night Latch With Attached Coiled Wire (also referred to as tether or lanyard)

Below: Dark Brown Night Latch On Saddle With Horn)