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Hit Air Coiled Wire (Tether or Lanyard)

Code: CoiledWire
Price: $20.00
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
Quantity in Basket: None
Advantage/HLV-C/VHR model
Motorcycle (longer - attaches to frame)
Racing motorcycle model (plus $10.00)

  • One Coiled Wire is included with each Hit Air vest. Additional units are available for those who have more than one saddle or motorcycle. Although there are different models shown below, they all are interchangeable with the different model vests. Vest models come standard with one of the types shown below. Some customers opt to have one coiled wire for each saddle to avoid changing out the coiled wire when they change saddles. The motorcycle models are longer to attach to the frame.
  • Don't attach to any decorative saddle ring that could break away during a fall. Don't loop over a saddle horn. You shoud be able to stand up in the saddle stirrups without being overly stretched or too loose.

    Equestrian Advantage/HLV-C/VHR Model

    Easy to adjust its length with the belt and easy
    to attach to the right place This is a fabric covered bungee style that comes standard with the Advantage, HLV-C and VHR models.

    Equestrian MLV-C/LV/SV2 Model

     This is the style that comes standard with the MLV-C, LV and SV2 vest models. Use as the replacement for the damaged of lost set.

    Additional Coiled Wire Buckle type of additional coiled wire

    RS-1 (Racing Motorcycle)

    To be attached to the motorcycle and connected to the airbag vest.
    Two one-touch releases are used to connect/disconnect the coiled wire in two steps.


    To be attached to the motorcycle and connected to the airbag vest.