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Hit-Air Buckle Extenders (incudes both top and bottom buckle extenders)

Code: BuckleExtender
Price: $35.00
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Quantity in Basket: None
Buckle Extender:
H-Model / Advantage

  • Note: The Buckle Extenders for the Advantage (H-Model) models have a larger top buckle on the vests; the PRO, MLV and LV/SV2 models use the other model Buckle Extender.
  • There is no Buckle Extender option for the Zipper version of the Advantage and currently not available for the ST-RC.
  • This item includes a pair of buckle extenders (one for top and one for bottom buckles)
  • Buckle extender adds up to 7" to the chest belt and up to 6.25" to the waist belt.
  • The buckle extender can be adjusted to better fit your needs.
  • Works on harness models: SV2, LV, MLV, PRO and Advantage.
  • Please select the needed model above.