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Tagg Code Survival Band 550 (call for availability)

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Tagg Code provides live help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since 2012, Tagg Code™ has provided products and technological infrastructure designed for athletes, outdoor enthusiast, and safety sensitive occupations with a primary focus to deliver information and assist in the facilitation of medical care when the need arises. Our system requires no subscription fees or messy data input during an emergency. One scan and a push of a button and Tagg Code™ takes over the rest, contacting your emergency contacts for you, delivering medical information to those working to save your life, and informing the medical staff of YOUR wishes.All products provide each member a unique Tagg Code™ in the form of a Quick Response Code (QR Code).  Fused with a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant portal, the Tagg Code™ product allows first responders and medical personnel the ability to acquire critical personal health information and provides emergency notification via call, text or email to your emergency contacts. Also, this product enables storing of permits (e.g. bridle tag, hunting, etc.), or other desired information which can be scanned.



By creating a membership account with Tagg Code | MyT2id™ and adding a Tagg Code™ product, a member will be able to leverage the technology to have accessible and comprehensive PHI (Personal Health Information) with them at all times. After the creation of a membership account, it is imperative that accurate information is provided to ensure viability of the data.  An appropriate picture should be used as well for identification management purposes. Once the membership account has been created and product is added, the product will be able (available) to be scanned by any 2-dimensional scanner or smart device equipped with a QR Code application.  Upon the scan and depending on where the product is scanned, the application will either present the member’s personalized Tagg Code Splash Page or in the case the scanned occurred on a hospital’s secure network (meeting specific protocol) it will open directly to the member’s medical information.  If the Tagg Code Splash Page is presented, a PIN (Personal Identification Number) may be required to access the comprehensive medical information.


From the Tagg Code Splash Page, the individual initiating the scan will have an option of connecting to the Tagg Code First Response Center.  If this is activated, the Tagg Code First Response Center will verify the situation and then initiate calls, texts and/or emails to the emergency contacts provided for the account.  If Auto-PIN is selected, the Tagg Code First Response Center will issue a one-time use PIN for the first responder or medical personnel to access the comprehensive PHI record. The Tagg Code Splash Page serves to make medical alerts available to first responders without the requirements of a PIN.



Whether you are going out for a ride by yourself, traveling by vehicle to a destination, hunting, fishing or anything else that might disconnect you from your loved ones, Tagg Code™ with T2|SafeCall™ has you covered. T2|SafeCall™ permits you to alert the Tagg Code First Response Center™ of your location and how long you expect to be on your “Adventure”.  The Tagg Code First Response Center™ will contact you if you fail to check in and then start notifying emergency contacts. It can locate you to emergency personnel if you allow GPS tracking via your cell phone.


Tagg Code


$ 32.99

The Tagg Code™ Survival Band is made of durable 550 paracord. This will survive all of your outdoor adventures. See below photos for additional detail:

Size Guide: Small 165mm/6.5in - adjustable +/- 1/4in. Medium 184mm/7.25in - adjustable +/- 1/4in. Large 203mm/8in - adjustable +/- 1/4in. X-Large 222.25mm/8.75in - adjustable +/- 1/4in

Green and Black Close-up

Royal Blue Close-up

Orange Close-up Showing Stainless Steel Screw-in Adjustable Clasp