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(See overlay of Hit-Air vs. competitor's vest shown under the Advantage model vest).


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Hit-Air vs Competition

• Hit-Air has significantly larger neck bag for the most critical body part to minimize head movement beyond the vertical position (see picture at bottom).

• Customers complain about competitor’s vest being baggy since it hangs down farther. The Hit-Air HModel

(formerly sold as Advantage) vest is more comfortable because the hip air bags are concealed

inside special dual pockets making it unnecessary to have a long “duck tailed” style that can be

uncomfortable in the saddle. The Hit-Air hip bags on all models will drop down automatically when the vest

is deployed. Likewise, the neck bag and other air bags will deploy automatically; the H-Model model

conceals the bags using Velcro closures and other models use snaps. See photos below.

  • Hit-Air doesn't restrict my movement, impact my position or cause me to over-heat.

• One of our customers complained that the competitor was very uncomfortable during inflation

because it inflated inward. The Hit-Air vests inflate outward; this is the reason you should not wear any

constraining jacket over the vest.

• I believe Hit-Air is cooler and more comfortable to wear due to the open design. Notice the back and

tail of both vests in particular. Hit-Air is so lightweight and VERY breathable as it is a harness rather than a

full vest; it consists of tubes that expand when the vest inflates.

• Hit-Air was significantly less expensive when I had compared equivalent models. The competitor vest

(MSRP $675) priced closest to the H-Model (Hit-Air’s highest cost vest MSRP $549) is designed to be

worn in conjunction with conventional BETA approved Level 3 body protector.

• The key box and CO2 cartridge are in a zippered compartment over the air bag, protected from dust

and dirt and provides sound insulation to minimize spooking the horse during a deployment.

• Hit-Air is the original air vest designer having developed for motorcycles in late 90’s and adapted to

equestrian in the early 2000’s.

• There are many optional Hit-Air accessories should you feel the need for added protection.