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Hit-Air Advantage Kids Multi Discipline Airbag Vest

Price: $469.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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  • The Hit-air Advantage kid's model includes all of the superior features of the adult version of the Advantage™ models.
  • It is extremely lightweight and is recommended in any discipline your children choose, from recreational to eventing.
  • It's design incorporates the largest neck airbag in the industry for superior protection in this most vital part of the anatomy.
  • It also inflates in about 0.09 sec as the other Advantage™ models. The Advantage Kids’ model options include chest pad, back pad and side cushions, to increase protection in the chest, back and waist.
  • Already included:
    One 50cc cartridge
    One coiled wire
    One Tool Kit and Instruction Manual